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Fabulous food to cook for your dude!

About Magi’s Meals

“Fabulous food to cook for your dude!”

After becoming absolutely obsessed with creating food in my kitchen a few months ago, I finally decided to start up a food blog. I’m sure my tagline was somewhat of a “what the heck” moment for anyone who read it, and that is EXACTLY what I was thinking when I came up with it. Who rhymes “food” with “dude” and slaps it on a blog? That would be me. And it’s so ridiculous and tacky that I happen to adore it.

Obviously you don’t need a “dude” to cook for, but since my number one critic and subject of my nightly food concoctions is my boyfriend, I thought it was kind of fabulous. You can cook these for yourself, your family, your man- whoever has a hungry face. And if your’e at all like me, you’ll have a blast doing it.

I used to hate cooking. I would literally rather microwave a bag of popcorn and chase it down with some Skittles than touch a pan. God forbid I actually even turned on a stove. I lived in Los Angeles from the ages of 19 to 24, and spent a great deal of that time working on music with a few bands (one of which tried to make me eat nothing but cottage cheese and turkey, which in turn caused me to sneak sandwiches from a mini-mart down the street from our rehearsal space on an almost daily basis.) Why I was being forced to fit into toddler sizes, I will never understand. Other times, I was working, and grabbing lunch from fast food places, or picking up take out from cafes down the street. When it came time for dinner at night, I’d either stop by the frozen food section at Trader Joe’s, or I’d go out to eat at one of the hundreds of amazing restaurants around L.A.

When I moved back to San Diego last year, I moved in with my boyfriend, and quickly realized that popping frozen pizza rolls into the oven at 7pm and calling it “dinner” wasn’t going to work. There were no excuses not to cook anymore- and 25 episodes later of Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares”, a foodie was born.

I gather inspiration and ideas from family recipes, restaurants, and cravings! Not only do I like to put my own personal twists on classic recipes, but I also like to create recipes around some of my favorite foods.

You’ll notice that the recipes I post usually make 2 or more servings- I like to make more than I need so that I can pack an easy lunch for my boyfriend for the next day, or eat leftovers the next night so I can give myself a “break” from cooking.

Most of my recipes are health conscious, but please- I love carbs and butter, so I have some guilty pleasure meals as well. I like to say that every meal I cook is man-friendly. I think a lot of ladies can agree with me when I say it’s hard to get your guy to eat vegetables. I just think that if vegetables are cooked right, your picky eater will soon have a new favorite food. My boyfriend HATED mushrooms and bell peppers until a few months ago. You just have to find something unique that works for you.

Be creative, and always have your favorite ingredients handy. Add to your collection of spices, and don’t hesitate to try something new. And most importantly, don’t think of cooking as a chore- you get to be creative, so have fun!



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